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60 Years Combined Experience


Seaberg Construction was founded in 2006 with the goal of making high-quality craftsmanship accessible to our local community.

Specializing in exterior renovations, we are proud to be considered leaders in our field. With over 60 combined years in the industry, our co-owners take pride in what we do and ensure a level of professionalism that will far exceed your expectations.

Seaberg Construction makes quality results our top priority. We enjoy working hand in hand with our customers to ensure their needs are met in a timely, cost-effective manner. We are proud to offer a full-service experience to our clients. Our knowledgeable team will work closely with you to create a mutually satisfactory plan for your job, happily make themselves available for any questions throughout the process, and will never pressure you into a sale. We provide free, no-obligation estimates, and are willing to work within your budget. The truest testament to our work is a satisfied client, so understanding that our clients have options, we will continually strive to earn your repeat business and referrals.

Seaberg Construction is licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are OSHA-certified, fully insured, and committed to remaining at the forefront of an ever-changing industry. We look forward to working with you!

Meet Co-Owners, Adam & Jon

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Adam Seaberg

Co-Owner and President

Adam Seaberg founded Seaberg Construction in 2006. Growing up in Johnston, RI, Adam was first exposed to the industry at age 16. Tapping into his years of experience, Adam has built a full-service construction firm from the ground up with a strong focus on customer service. He’s also focused the company on making high-quality craftsmanship more accessible to the average homeowner. As a father of three, Adam takes pride in homeownership and finds satisfaction in bringing that same sensibility to his clients. Now partnered with Jon Rezendes, Adam is excited to expand the company’s reach and solidify Seaberg Construction as a leader in the New England market.

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Jon Rezendes

Co-Owner and Vice-President

A lifetime Rhode Island resident, Jon Rezendes, co-owner of Seaberg Construction, has been working in the industry since the age of 13. By his early 20s, Jon found himself singlehandedly running the company he worked for and knew he was ready to venture out on his own. In the years to follow, Jon confidently grew his small roofing company into a well-respected construction outfit. His unrivaled dedication and work ethic ultimately led to his partnership with a like-minded local business owner, Adam Seaberg. Together they have used their combined talents and complementary strengths to bring Seaberg Construction to the next level.

Certifications, Awards and Acknowledgements

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Contractors’ Registration and Licensing

Since our establishment in 2006, Seaberg Construction has been a licensed contractor in Rhode Island, proudly holding license GC-30299. As we continued to grow over the years, we recognized the opportunity to serve even more homeowners by expanding our reach beyond our primary location.

We are excited to extend our services to Massachusetts. After extensive planning and careful consideration, this venture has now become a reality.

To legally operate within Massachusetts, our co-owner Jon Rezendes took the initiative to attend the necessary classes and succeeded in passing the stringent examinations required to obtain the contractor’s license for Massachusetts. As of 2022, Seaberg Construction proudly holds the Massachusetts Contractor’s license CS-118279.

The opportunity to expand into a new state is not just a new business venture, but a milestone that signifies the growth and progress we have achieved over the years. We’re confident in our ability to replicate our success and high level of service in Massachusetts, leveraging our years of experience in the construction industry.

With the new regions we are venturing into, we anticipate a prosperous journey and are eager to continue to provide our construction expertise to a broader audience.

Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor

Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor

Seaberg Construction has earned the prestigious honor of being an Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor. This noteworthy designation places us at the pinnacle of a selective network of roofing contractors vetted and endorsed by Owens Corning. This endorsement is only awarded to those who consistently demonstrate an exceptional degree of professionalism, reliability, and superior workmanship.

As part of this privileged status, we’re excited to offer our clients the industry’s best roofing system warranty. This advantage is exclusively accessible to those within the Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractors network. It reflects the high standard of work we provide, backed by the reliability and quality assurance of the Owens Corning brand.

Being part of this select group of contractors is a distinguished endorsement of our work quality, reflecting our continuous commitment to delivering unparalleled service and product excellence. Among the various contractors in Rhode Island, we’re proud to state that Seaberg Construction is one of only six firms to have received this esteemed recognition. This distinction underlines our reputation for consistently providing the best roofing solutions in the industry and meeting stringent standards consistently.

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2022 Providence Journal Readers’ Choice Award

Seaberg Construction has been recognized as one of the top three roofing companies in Rhode Island in the 2022 Providence Journal’s Readers’ Choice Awards. This significant accolade has been awarded based on nominations from the dedicated readers of the Providence Journal and decided upon through public voting.

It is an honor for us to be acknowledged in such a prestigious manner, affirming our commitment to excellence in the field of construction. This acknowledgment from a leading Rhode Island publication, esteemed for its accurate and comprehensive coverage of local affairs, adds value to our service credibility.

We want to express our gratitude to all the readers who took the time to nominate us, as well as everyone who participated in the public voting process. This recognition reinforces our motivation to continuously deliver high-quality construction services, specifically in roofing.

We would like to emphasize that we view this accolade not just as an honor, but also as a challenge to keep improving our services and staying at the forefront of Rhode Island’s construction industry. We are looking forward to continuing our legacy of providing exemplary construction services to the residents of Rhode Island in the years to come.

CertainTeed 5-Star Siding Contractor Badge

CertainTeed 5-Star Siding Contractor

Seaberg Construction’s recognition as a 5-Star Siding Contractor by CertainTeed is a significant achievement that highlights the company’s commitment to excellence in the construction industry. This recognition is a testament to Seaberg Construction’s exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality workmanship, and outstanding customer service.

Being designated as a 5-Star Siding Contractor by CertainTeed demonstrates that Seaberg Construction has met and exceeded stringent standards set by one of the leading manufacturers in the siding industry. It showcases their expertise in installing CertainTeed products efficiently and effectively, ensuring long-lasting durability and superior performance.

This recognition not only sets Seaberg Construction apart from our competitors but also instills confidence in potential clients. Homeowners seeking siding installation or replacement can trust that Seaberg Construction has undergone rigorous evaluation and meets the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

Vinyl Siding Institute

Vinyl Siding Institute Certified Installer

Seaberg Construction is proud to be a certified vinyl siding installer, a certification acquired through comprehensive training from the Vinyl Siding Institute. Our status as a VSI Certified Installer guarantees that we are skilled and competent in the key aspects of vinyl siding installation, ensuring quality work every time.

One key component of our training involves understanding and accounting for vinyl’s unique expansion and contraction properties. Our installers know the exact techniques needed to securely fasten your siding, guaranteeing that changes in weather and temperature won’t lead to loose or sagging vinyl.

We’re also experts at protecting your home from potential water infiltration. We carefully prepare all areas around windows, doors, and other openings before installing siding to make sure your home stays dry and safe. We adhere to VSI’s strict standards, using proven techniques to prevent any kind of water damage, even in harsh weather conditions.

As VSI Certified Installers, our focus isn’t just on quality, but also on aesthetics. We ensure that every detail is taken care of, providing a clean, finished look that adds beauty and value to your home. Plus, the durability of our work guarantees your home’s stunning new look will last for years to come. Seaberg Construction is not just about vinyl siding installation, we are about transforming homes with excellence and precision.

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2023 Partner in Philanthropy

In 2023, our support and advocacy for Adoption Rhode Island, a non-profit organization, was publicly acknowledged with the presentation of the esteemed Partners in Philanthropy award. This distinguished recognition is granted by The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP): Rhode Island Chapter, a reputable institution that aims to foster ethical fundraising practices amongst individuals and organizations through education, networking, research, and advocacy.

We are thrilled to have our efforts recognized by such a renowned entity. We were officially recognized for our philanthropic efforts alongside other altruistic benefactors at a glamorous ceremony hosted at The Graduate Hotel, situated in the historic heart of Providence.

Our participation in philanthropic endeavors has always been driven by the desire to bring positive change to society and uplift those in need. Winning this prestigious award served to solidify our dedication and resolve to continue supporting worthy causes like Adoption Rhode Island and making a difference within our community and beyond. We feel honored to be recognized and look forward to our future partnerships and endeavors in the realm of philanthropy.

Rhode Island Builders Association

Rhode Island Builders Association Member

Seaberg Construction is proud to be a member of the Rhode Island Builders Association. This organization champions the growth of the building industry and quality of life improvements in Rhode Island, thus supporting our shared goals and missions. As an association, they strive to instill the highest standards of professionalism to better the building industry and enhance the services provided to our customers. To continuously improve and innovate, RIBA provides various growth opportunities, including leadership training, education, access to modern technology, and vital services designed to enhance the capabilities of its members and increase the value of its products.

At Seaberg Construction, we understand the benefits of being part of a collective and consider it essential to our business’s success. We recognize that unity fosters strength and knowledge, and we don’t shy away from seeking collective wisdom to better our services. Participating in events that allow us to interact with peers within the industry enables us to share experiences and discuss challenges, which we believe contributes to becoming a more productive and valuable contributor to society. These collaborative platforms provide us with insights into best practices and trends within the industry, ultimately enriching our capabilities and further establishing our commitment to excellence within the construction industry.

Velux Certified Installer

VELUX Certified Installer

Seaberg Construction is a proud certified installer of VELUX, the global leader in skylight manufacturing. To earn this recognition, we completed VELUX’s stringent certification program. This accomplishment equips us with a comprehensive understanding and exceptional skills related to the world of skylight installation and maintenance.

We specialize in assisting homeowners in selecting the perfect daylight solution that perfectly fits their aesthetic needs, energy-saving objectives, and functionality. Partnering with Seaberg Construction assures homeowners of superior quality installations, using top-grade VELUX skylights.

Better Business Bureau

A business built on teamwork: Behind the Business with Seaberg Construction in Johnston, RI

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A business built on teamwork

Before they became business partners, Jonathan Rezendes and Adam Seaberg owned separate construction businesses in Rhode Island. Rezendes shared how he and Seaberg became co-owners of Seaberg Construction in Johnston, RI.

“I had started in the construction industry as a teenager cleaning up job sites and such with a friend of my family that owned a construction company. We worked together through school breaks and summers until I completed high school, and then I became a full-time employee of that company. My business partner, Adam Seaberg, has a similar story of how he began working in construction,” said Rezendes.

The business owner continued discussing his and Seaberg’s career trajectories. “In 2006, I had decided that I had enough experience in what to do and what not to do as far as business goes. So at that time, I decided to venture off and start my own company. Coincidentally, Adam had also done the same thing, just out of sheer coincidence. It was the same year. We were friends back then, and we both operated separate entities, and we always worked together because Adam’s forte was roofing and siding. Mine was carpentry and framing. So, if there was something that wasn’t in my wheelhouse or vice versa, we would recommend each other to our clients.”

Rezendes continued, “I would be in a position where I would be framing or building houses or additions, and then I would rely on Adam to either side or roof the projects. If Adam had a one-off roof customer, and they asked him to do another project, such as a deck, Adam would give them my name. So, we unofficially had a partnership before we were even partners because we worked together so frequently.”

Working together on a large construction project inspired Rezendes and Seaberg to make their business partnership official. “Fast forward to 2016, Adam had the opportunity to bid on a large project in Johnston, and he asked me to partner with him on that project. So, we worked together on that one and several others immediately following. And at that time, we concluded that it didn’t seem to make much sense for us to be operating two companies, and our relationship had always been good—never any animosity. So, we decided to form a partnership officially in 2019, and I acquired half ownership of Seaberg Construction and dissolved my company.”

Rezendes offered some advice for people considering partnering on a business. He said, “It’s essentially a marriage. It’s two different personalities with ultimately the same goal. But unlike a marriage, finances are probably the leading driving force in a business partnership. My advice is patience and understanding, and just know that there are different personalities other than your own.”

When asked what he likes best about co-owning a construction company, Rezendes said, “The personal interaction with people. It’s rewarding to be able to work with a homeowner because it’s personal. Your home is your home. That’s your private, safe space. If a client is willing to work with us to the capacity that allows us into their home, into their everyday lives, into their kind of sanctuary—that’s a really good feeling. It’s a great amount of trust that a homeowner puts into anybody in our industry.”

Rezendes shared that working in Rhode Island means a lot to him and Seaberg. “It’s a very small state, and word travels fast. I grew up in North Providence. Adam grew up in Johnston—they’re neighboring towns. We try to do everything we can to help whoever we can. We’ve come across instances where folks have just had really poor experiences with the construction industry, and some folks have been taken advantage of. Unfortunately, it takes a lot to earn somebody’s trust in this business. So, we just try to be as open and honest and do what we can for the community.”

Seaberg Construction gives back throughout the year—holding a food drive for the Rhode Island Food Bank, a toy drive for Adoption Rhode Island, and a backpack and school supplies drive for children in need, to name a few charitable projects.

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