5 Reasons Why Fall Is For Roof Replacements

Seaberg Construction Blog: 5 Reasons Why Fall Is For Roof Replacements

Summer might immediately come to mind for your roof replacement but fall could be the better option.

1.) Cooler Weather = Efficient Labor

Once the humidity and dog days of summer are over, labor moves a little smoother and definitely more efficiently. This means your roof replacement that may have taken two days during the summer to complete, may only take one day’s worth of work. This could also decrease the total cost of the project.



2.) Less Weather Obstacles

Less weather incidents means that your contractor can make a schedule and probably be able to stick to it. During the winter, spring and summer, there could be snow storms, heavy rainfall, or heat waves which all prevent outdoor labor.



3.) Think Ahead

You may not think getting a roof replaced in the winter is the best idea and we agree. Fall is your last chance before another season of potentially damaging New England winter weather affects your 30 year old roof. Your roof might not have leaked last year but oftentimes we find homeowners reporting roof leaks in the springtime due to melting snow and ice. Leaks can easily cause costly interior damages that we all want to avoid.



4.) Energy Efficiency

Replacing your roof before winter will decrease your heating costs for the upcoming winter. Chances are if you need a roof replacement, it’s been many years since your last replacement. The materials nowadays are state-of-the-art and better than ever. You’ll reap the benefits for this coming winter and many more to come.



5.) End of Summer Deals

Contractors in your area may be offering end of summer deals as a last push before the coldest months set in. Reach out to your local contractors, follow them on social media, send an email because it never hurts to ask.



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