5 Roofing Terms To Know

Seaberg Construction Blog: 5 Roofing Terms to Know

Is it time for a new roof and you feel a little intimidated about the terminology? We’re here to help!

1.) Square

Roofers will typically refer to the size of your roof in squares. A square is 100 square feet, which is a 10’x10′ box or square. An average sized roof is 15-18 squares.


2.) Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is metal used to protect your chimney and roof from water infiltration. It’s installed where the chimney and roof intersect.

Chimney Flashing


3.) Roof Deck

Your roof deck is the bones of your roof. A roof deck is typically made of plywood or ledger board. Sometimes rot is found once the existing shingles are removed. This will be address before the new shingles are installed.

Roof Replacement Shot From Drone


4.) Drip Edge

Drip edge are pieces of metal flashing installed along the roof edge. The name says what it does. Drip edge is meant to guide water off the edge of the roof to keep it from dripping down your house in excess.


5.) Pitch

The pitch is referring to the steepness of your roof as a ratio. For example, 3/12 means for every 12 yards in building length, your roof rises 3 yards. The diagram below is helpful to visualize what this means.

Roof Pitch


Finding a good, reliable contractor can be tough. It’s encouraged to meet with at least two contractors to get multiple quotes. Ask questions if you do not understand something. If they are willing to thoroughly explain why they are doing what they’re doing, you might find you have a good fit for you and your home. We do this every day but we understand that you don’t.




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