When Should You Replace Vinyl Siding?

Seaberg Construction Blog: When Should You Replace Vinyl Siding?

Sometimes it’s just time to replace your vinyl siding. Everything has a lifespan and yours simply might be at the end of its rope. Other factors could potentially cause you to move in the direction of a full vinyl siding replacement too.


1.) Your vinyl siding is old.

Vinyl siding has a lifespan and it may be showing signs of age by now. Depending on the environment and outside elements, your vinyl siding could age faster than the manufacturer expects. Most manufacturers say you can get anywhere from 20-40 years out of your vinyl siding. Making repairs to damaged areas may not be the best route because the color probably won’t match your existing siding due to age and weather.

Old Vinyl Siding

2.) Your vinyl siding has insect or mold damage.

Over time you may see signs of insect damage or mold affect your vinyl siding. It’s time for a replacement and to see if you can find the root cause of the damage to prevent it in the future. 

Moldy Vinyl Siding

3.) Your vinyl siding is melted or warped.

Your vinyl siding can melt over time from extreme sun exposure and hot spots. Warping can be caused by heat or poor installation. Either way, it’s time for a repair at the very least, depending on the age of your vinyl siding.

Warped Vinyl Siding

4.) You have moisture inside your home.

If you see moisture on your walls, it could be coming from outside. It’s important to have a licensed professional take a look to determine the root cause. It could be a problem underneath the vinyl siding.

Peeling Interior Paint

5.) Your vinyl siding was poorly installed.

Whether you got duped or the previous homeowner did, it might be time to replace shoddy work that was previously done to the house. If your vinyl siding looks loose or buckled, it could be due to installation flaws.

Damaged Vinyl Siding



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