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Chances are you’ve never had your roof replaced, which means you probably have a lot of questions! We’re here to help, answer every single question and to walk you through the process with ease. Let’s start with some frequently asked questions.


1.) How long does a roof replacement take?

Typically, an average sized roof takes one full day to strip existing shingles and install new shingles. Depending upon the time of day the crew finishes, we may send our project manager for a final clean up of your property the following day.

Roof Replacement

2.) Do I need to be home for the roof replacement?

No, you do not need to be home for the roof replacement. In fact, we generally recommend you are not home because it’s loud! If we run into any questions, we know how to reach you should something come up. If you are home, we advise you to stay indoors for the safety of you and our crew.

Roof Replacement Shot From Drone

3.) Do I need to be home to receive the dumpster?

No, you do not need to be home when the dumpster is dropped off. If you have a specific spot you’d like the dumpster to be placed, please let us know ahead of time.

Disposal Truck

4.) How long will the dumpster be at my house?

We drop off a dumpster either the day before your roof replacement or the morning of your scheduled date. Generally the dumpster is removed the day after your roof is completed.


5.) When will the materials be delivered?

The materials are delivered the day before your project start date by our supplier, Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc. They will leave the materials in your driveway to give the crew easy access.

Roofing Materials

6.) What if the weather is inclement on my scheduled start date?

We will reschedule your roof replacement for our next open date. Sometimes you’ll hear from us ahead of time depending on the forecast. Other times, we like to wait until the morning of your scheduled start date to determine if the weather permits. We are in New England after all and things change overnight sometimes!


7.) How much does an estimate and consultation cost?

There is no cost associated with us coming out to take pictures and measure your roof to generate the estimate. We believe it’s important to provide fair and accurate estimates based on your property.


8.) Do you offer a workmanship warranty?

Yes, we offer a 5 year workmanship warranty. This means if anything goes wrong with the installation in the first 5 years, we’ll fix it at no additional cost to you. We stand behind our crews and feel confident that they’ve done it correctly the first time.


9.) Do you offer financing for my roof replacement?

Yes! We offer 3 basic, straightforward financing options. If you find you do not fit into any of our plans, we have more to choose from. After credit approval, we will go ahead and schedule your roof replacement.


10.) What color shingle should I pick?

This is up to you! Our most popular shingle colors are Owens Corning’s Onyx Black and their shades of gray available. Consider your other exterior colors and finishes to determine which color works best for you and your home’s aesthetic. 


Do you have more questions? We’re here. Call or text 401-499-3891 to set up your free consultation.



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