5 Vinyl Siding Terms to Know

Seaberg Construction Blog: 5 Vinyl Siding Terms to Know

Are you thinking about vinyl siding your home and you feel a little intimidated about the terminology? We’re here to help!

1.) Square

Vinyl siders will typically refer to the size of your house in squares. A square is 100 square feet, which is a 10’x10′ box or square. An average sized house typically measures 20-23 squares.


2.) Double 4 Vinyl Siding

The term “Double 4” or “D4″ for short is used to describe the vinyl siding profile. Double refers to two courses or rows of vinyl siding per piece and the 4 refers to 4 inch tall courses or rows. Now that you know what Double 4 means, you can decode what D5 means. (Hint: Two rows of 5” vinyl)

Mastic Siding Profiles


3.) Soffit

Soffit is used to enclose the horizontal underside of an eave or overhang. Soffit is designed to either be vented or solid. It will depend on other ventilation aspects of your home to determine if vented or solid soffit is necessary.



4.) Fascia

Fascia is the trim covering the ends of roof rafters. See the image below with the red arrow.


5.) House Wrap

House wrap is a water-resistive material placed under vinyl siding panels.

House Wrap

Vinyl siding is a sizable investment for you and your home. You’ll feel more comfortable with the process if you learn a little bit beforehand. You’ll be able to know what your contractor is referring to in their estimates. If you have questions for your contractor, do not hesitate to speak up. They’re there to help you.



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