Biggest Problems With Painting Vinyl Siding


Let’s start by screaming from the rooftop, loud and clear, DO NOT PAINT YOUR VINYL SIDING! We’re not just saying this because we’re vinyl siders, not professional painters. While painting vinyl siding may seem like a cost-effective solution to give your home a fresh new look, it comes with its own set of drawbacks. Vinyl siding is a durable and long-lasting material, which makes it an excellent option for your home. One of its drawbacks is that you have to live with the color you chose fifteen years ago but we can also guarantee that color will look even worse with peeling paint over top. 

Here are some of the biggest problems that you might encounter while trying to paint your vinyl siding:

1. Paint Adhesion Issues

One of the biggest problems with painting vinyl siding is the surface’s lack of porosity. Unlike traditional wooden siding, vinyl is non-porous, meaning that paint doesn’t adhere as easily. This leads to paint peeling off quickly, and the appearance of your home becomes more unsightly than before. The smooth surface of the vinyl siding doesn’t provide an ideal base for the paint to stick to. Vinyl expands and contracts depending on the temperature, and any paint that hasn’t adhered correctly will likely peel off or chip away over time. You may want to change the color of your vinyl siding but the peeling paint will be more of an eyesore than an undesirable vinyl siding color.


2. Vinyl Siding Heat Absorption

Vinyl siding is prone to absorbing heat, and when the surface temperature rises, the paint can become softer, causing it to melt, bubble, or crack. That means you need to choose the right paint that will withstand high temperatures. This will take some significant research and know-how. You may notice that after a few months, the paint is already starting to peel off. Vinyl siding and paint will expand and contract at different rates depending on the weather conditions.

3. Paint Color Fade

Using the wrong type of primer and paint can cause your color to fade and not look the way you expected it to. Fading color can be frustrating because it can leave your home looking uneven or discolored. When you paint vinyl siding, you want the color to be long-lasting and vibrant. Unfortunately, some paints are susceptible to damage from UV rays, particularly low quality paint.


4. Paint, Primer & Tools Expense

Painting vinyl siding isn’t cheap, and the cost can quickly add up if you have a large area to paint. You’ll need to factor in the cost of the right type of paint, primer, and any other equipment required to complete the job successfully. Professional painters charge a premium for painting vinyl siding due to the difficulty of the job and the need for specialized tools and equipment. Even if you choose to paint the vinyl siding yourself, you’ll need to invest in high-quality paint and primer, as well as other painting supplies. This might not be a DIY project you want to take on.


5. Void Vinyl Siding Warranty
Most vinyl siding manufacturers explicitly state in their warranties that painting the material voids the warranty. This is because paint can trap moisture in the material, leading to damage over time. This means that if anything goes wrong with the siding after it’s been painted, the manufacturer won’t be responsible for replacing it. Homeowners who choose to paint their vinyl siding are essentially taking on a risk that they’ll have to replace it themselves if something goes wrong. Vinyl siding isn’t an inexpensive option. It’s best to leave your vinyl siding and manufacturer’s warranty intact.
In conclusion, painting vinyl siding can be a challenging task that requires specialized products and techniques. Even if the job is done correctly, there’s still a risk that the paint may not last as long as expected. With the issue of warranties, homeowners need to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to paint their vinyl siding. 

Seaberg Construction will always recommend steering clear of painting vinyl siding, even as a last resort. If you’re looking for a way to enhance the look of your home’s exterior, it might be a better idea to consider installing new vinyl siding instead of trying to paint the old one. That way, you’ll be guaranteed a long-lasting and stunning finish that will save you both time and money in the long run.

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