Which Style of Vinyl Siding is Best for You?

Which Style of Vinyl Siding is Best for You?

Have you ever had to replace your vinyl siding? Chances are you haven’t since it lasts so long! So, when the contractor starts throwing around terms that are second nature to them, it might be a little overwhelming to you as a homeowner. Let’s start with the basics.


What does D4 profile mean?
D4 stands for “Double 4”. In the simplest terms, it means one panel of vinyl siding has two rows of siding and each row is four inches tall.

What about D5 profile?
D5 stands for “Double 5” which means one panel of vinyl siding has two rows and each row is five inches tall.

What does T3 profile mean?
T3 stands for “Triple 3” meaning one panel has three rows of siding and each row is three inches tall. You get the idea.


Mastic Siding Profiles


What is a panel projection?
Panel projection is how far the vinyl siding protrudes from the building.

What does solar defense mean?
Solar defense is Mastic’s technology for darker vinyl siding colors to resist sun fading and bleaching.



Good, Better, Best

We generally recommend and install Mastic vinyl siding products. Just like a lot of other products, you can get a good one, a better one or the best one. The idea is to have a tiered system to make decision making easier and to fit into your budget.

For example, you could buy a Toyota and it’ll be good enough to get from point A to point B. You could spend a little more on an Audi and still get to point B but with a little more style and reliability. Or you could spend a bigger chunk of change on a Range Rover and still get to point B but in much more style, luxury and class with top notch mechanics.

Is it necessary to always buy top-of-the-line? Not always, because the Toyota and the Lexus still do the job but each option does have its pros. The same applies in the world of vinyl siding. Let’s dig a little deeper.



Good – Mastic’s Ovation Vinyl Siding (Toyota Option)

Profiles: D4 Woodgrain, D5 Woodgrain, T3 Brushed, D4.5 Dutch Lap Woodgrain, Single 6.5” Beaded Woodgrain
Panel Thickness: .042”
Panel Projection: 9/16”
Standard Colors: 17
Premium Colors: 7
Solar Defense Colors: 5
Note: Not every profile is available in every color.

Mastic Ovation Vinyl Siding
Ovation in Brandy Wood and Cedar Discovery in Newport Blue

The main difference you’ll see as we go through the options is the thickness of the vinyl siding increases which means more durability. Mastic Ovation is one of the thinnest panels we offer. There is one option that is thinner called Mill Creek but we generally don’t offer it as it’s very close in price to this panel.



Better – Mastic’s Carvedwood Vinyl Siding (Audi Option)

Profiles: Single 8 Smooth, D4 (Woodgrain and Smooth), D5 Woodgrain, T3 Smooth, D4.5 Dutch Lap Woodgrain
Panel Thickness: .044”
Panel Projection: 5/8”
Standard Colors: 17
Premium Colors: 13
Solar Defense Colors: 10
Note: Not every profile is available in every color.

Mastic Carvedwood Vinyl Siding
Carvedwood D4 and Cedar Discovery Perfection Shingle Double 7″ in Misty Shadow

This is our most popular panel. If you request a siding quote from us, we will typically quote this panel in a D4 Woodgrain profile, unless you specify a different profile or manufacturer. This “better” option offers more colors than the “good” (Ovation) option and is an industry standard grade thickness for most residential properties.

This option is so popular that we’ve added the D4 color swatches to our website. View them here.



Best – Mastic’s Quest Vinyl Siding (Range Rover Option)

Profiles: D4, D5, D4.5 Dutch Lap
Panel Thickness: .080”
Panel Projection: 3/4”
Standard Colors: 18
Premium Colors: 17
Solar Defense Colors: None
Note: Not every profile is available in every color.

Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding
Quest D4 in Woodland Green with Cedar Discovery Hand-Split Shake in Walnut

Quest is the most durable and most expensive option in these profiles. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, this may be an option to consider. Although it’s the thickest panel and resists denting the best, it doesn’t come in the darkest colors or have as many profile options as Carvedwood.

A perk of the Quest option is the D4 and D4.5″ Dutch Lap profiles come in longer lengths which means less seams making for a cleaner look.



Got any other options? Yes, Mastic’s Cedar Discovery.

Outside of the good, better, best options, Mastic offers Cedar Discovery. This style of vinyl siding is meant to mimic the look of cedar shingles. The best part is there’s virtually no upkeep unlike real cedar shingles. 

Mastic Cedar Discovery Vinyl Siding
Cedar Discovery 7″ Perfection Shingle in Montana Suede and Board+Batten Designer Series in White

Profiles: Hand-split Shake, T5 Shingle, D7 Shingle, Half Round
Panel Thickness: .080”-.090”
Standard Colors: 23
Premium Colors: 30
Solar Defense Colors: None
Note: Not every profile is available in every color.

Mastic Cedar Discovery Options

Replacing vinyl siding can be costly and daunting to a homeowner. We try to make the process easy to understand and stress free for everyone involved. If money is an obstacle, we offer financing options through Service Finance Company, LLC. You can read about the options for financing here.

We’re happy to come to your home for a consultation and offer expert advice. We’ll always provide a free, no obligation estimate. Fill in your contact information here and we will be in touch to set up your consultation.



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