Seaberg Construction Blog: Does My House Need Shutters?

Short answer is no, but do they add curb appeal? Sometimes!

In days gone by, shutters were once a way to adjust the amount of sunlight you let into your home, a way to control ventilation and even a way to provide protection from intruders or inclement weather. Nowadays, shutters usually serve an aesthetic purpose because we’re living in a time where we have modern technology to combat those problems.


What style of shutters can I choose from?

Louvered Shutters shown above have horizontal slats which adds texture, color and interest to your home. Vinyl shutters are designed to have the appearance of wood grain without the upkeep of wood. Mastic offers this style in 19 standard colors. Browse the available colors here:



Raised Panel Shutters shown above give a classic, streamlined look. Shutters by Mastic are able to be painted with a high quality latex paint if a few years down the road you decide you’d like to change your home’s color palette. We love a cost effective yet impactful upgrade.



Board & Batten Shutters shown above are giving us a barn vibe which we’re not mad at. How nice would these look on a farmers’ porch? The Board & Batten Shutters even come in a few different styles shown below. Pictured above is called 3 Board Closed in the Board & Batten series.



Board & Batten Shutters – 3 Board Open



Board & Batten Shutters – 4 Board Closed



Board & Batten Shutters – 4 Board Open

Shutters by Mastic are purely decorative and have the ability to add curb appeal to your home which ultimately adds to your home’s overall value. When choosing a style and color for your shutters, it’s important to take into consideration the rest of your home’s color palette and architectural structure.



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